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  July 28, 2009
First let me say that I am grateful for being blessed with a good physical foundation and a mother that taught me the fundamentals of healthy living at a young age.  As a teenager I was fortunate to participate in swimming, track & field, compete in gymnastics and horseback ride.   In my 51 years, I’m thankful that I have avoided serious injury.

After a stressful period in my life, I began to feel pain in my lower back.  I had every manner of medical test and following an MRI, found out that I had lumbar stenosis – degeneration of the lumbar spine.  My neurologist told me that the condition was not severe, but over time I would probably need surgery on my back.  He suggested that I see a functional fitness coach and work on strengthening my core to prolong the inevitable.  I did as he suggested and found “temporary” relief.  

In 2008 I discovered yoga and started incorporating it into my daily routine.  I found true bliss in my daily yoga practice and knew that I wanted to be a student of yoga for the rest of my life.  Overtime I noticed that there was reoccurring pain in different parts of my body, depending on the practice that I had completed that day.  One morning I woke up, intending to complete my practice and could not stand up!!   I was in tears and not sure what to do.  I remembered my massage therapist, mentioning Chiropractic Care and decided to see the Chiropractor associated with the massage studio.  On my initial appointment I completed a written summary of my issue, was given a 5 minute consultation and was seen for an adjustment that day.  I left the office feeling like I had just risked my health by having someone manipulate my body without the full knowledge of what was really wrong.   Again – I found “temporary” relief but had no clue as to the source of my pain.  Was it my lumbar stenosis rearing its ugly head or a new injury?  Being in the dark about the source of my back and leg pain did not sit well with me.  
As the universe would have it, I was walking in Piedmont Park, in June of this year, and met Dr. Shoshana.  She had an interesting machine in her booth and out of curiosity I decided to introduce myself and find out what she had to offer.  Without disclosing my previous history, she told me that I was heavier on one side of my body and out of alignment.  She pointed to the possible problem areas which were the exact points, on my body, where I was experiencing pain.   Shoshana told me that I really needed a thorough evaluation to get at the source of my discomfort.  She asked if I had gotten ex-rays before getting my previous Chiropractic adjustment and I said no.   That was the beginning of many “AHA” moments from Live Well Chiropractic.  Dr. Shoshana wouldn’t touch me without truly understanding the source of my back and leg pain.  She took x-rays, explained the x-rays, educated me and opened up a whole new understanding on the miracle of my spine and how to keep it healthy.  She and Dr. Kristy provided me with a comprehensive wellness plan and I feel like a new woman!   The health plan has taken a real commitment on my part, but the benefits have been well worth it!  Not only has the pain, all but disappeared, but I have experienced improvement in my overall health, moods and emotions – an additional gift for a women going through menopause.   I practice yoga religiously and have been able to get into postures that I only dreamed of in the past.  I have more energy, improved digestion and a sense of excitement about the years to come.  I can’t say enough good things about Live Well Chiropractic!
Thank-you for helping me restore my well-being.


I have been a drummer for over 20 years, which requires a lot of physical stamina and muscle control. I encountered a lot of back problems starting in adolescence, as a result of drumming and the normal amount of adolescent stress. I learned from the Dr's that emotional and physical stress can lead to sublexation. My immediate problem when I met them was that my wrist and forearem were out of commission. I thought the problem was in the wrist, but it was not. It was sublexation in my neck and spine. I had a show to play in a week when I met them, and after a few adjustments I was able to play the show as scheduled.

Since then, they recommended a care plan for me which I have followed diligently. 6 months later, I am virtually pain free, and I can feel the energy alive in my body again. My wrist and arms have been free of any trouble, and I no longer feel the "heaviness" in my back that I had gotten so used to feeling since starting to play the drums at 13. I am 38 now.

I am forever indebted to them for healing my body, and educating me on the importance of keeping myself aligned. I am a life long patient as long as they continue to stay in Atlanta, which I hope is forever. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to live a healthier life. Maintaining your health is much easier than trying to get it back once it has been lost.

Thank you Dr's!

Linda Bolley
Atlanta, GA

Live Well Chiropractic was recommended to me by a long standing patient,(Thanks T!)and I began my adjustments with a bit of hesitation since I had never been to a chiropractor previously. Now I think I should have gone sooner. I spent approximately 3 months of intensive adjustments (3 times a week) during the Winter to Spring of 2007. My follow-up x-ray presented marked improvement, but this was just the physical justification for what I already knew. Over the period of adjustments, I noticed changes in my life, I was sleeping better, weekly headaches disappeared, my energy levels climbed, stress dissolved, and my outlook on life brightened up. There is much more to the physical manifestation of problems with subluxations, removing them is the tip of the iceberg to a much happier life mentally and physically.

The staff of Live Well Chiropractic is wonderful, from the moment I met them they were very genuine, personable, and emoted a true care for my well being. They were very flexible and that was greatly appreciated from someone that works over 60 hours a week. Not only did they show an interest in my chiropractic health, but they also were interested in how everything else in my life was going. By doing so I think it helped them to get the big picture and provide even better care of me. Thank you VERY much to the team...Rich, and Dr's Kristy and Shoshana!

Without a second thought, I would recommend to anyone to experience the genuine care that you will receive at Live Well Chiropractic!

Wes Droze

For as long as I can remember, I have always had neck and back pain. One memory that sticks out in my mind is from my high school days. I missed out on attending a lot of sporting events with my friends due to the pain that came with sitting in the stands for more than 15 minutes.

I also experienced a lot of digestive issues and was diagnosed with IBS when I was a teenager.

My college days were quite memorable as well. I had knee surgery and was involved in a pretty intense automobile accident wherein I was hit by a car going about 45 mph. I have had a lot of physical therapy but never could quite shake the pain in my neck and back.

A few months ago, my partner began begging me to visit Live Well because I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain that was keeping me from sleeping at night. The pain was so bad, it often brought tears to my eyes.

I am not one who enjoys going to the doctor and because I had little or no success with physical therapy, I was sceptical. However, going was the best decision I could have made.

I am 30 years old and I know that if I had not made the choice to see Live Well, I may have had a whole lot of pain in my future.

Wonderful things have happend to me since being treated by Dr. Kristy and Dr. Shoshana. The back pain I felt at night is gone, my posture is great, my digestion is better, I walk with more confidence, my neck pain is gone, and I am more aware of the health of my body.

I strongly recommend the chiropractic care of Dr. Kristy and Dr. Shoshana. I believe in them 100%. They have improved my life in so many ways! I finally know what it feels like to be pain free!

When I came in over two years ago, I was having some problems with sciatica. I had been in a recent car crash that aggravated an old bicycling accident that combined to leave me with numbness and soreness in my right leg. After months of physical therapy, I had gotten really good at accepting the discomfort and frustration of loosing feeling in my toes and calf when I sat still or on hard surfaces for long periods. Then I saw the Live Well promotion to be examined and x-rayed for a ridiculously low price. The problem I described to Dr. Kristy was mildly irritating, but hadn’t stopped me from commuting to work on my bike, or competing in agility with my dogs (which was more aggravating because of the long drives to the venues than competing). I figured I had nothing to loose, only to find out from Dr. Kristy just how much I had lost.

Turns out, I had been plagued with headaches that I racked up to stress, I had been on hormones for regulating my cycle because I thought I had endometriosis, and my sleep was suffering. I had never considered that these problems weren’t “normal”. When the films were developed, Dr. Kristy showed me why I was suffering. I was shocked, and discouraged. The differences between a healthy spine and mine were big and intimidating. I wondered if Chiropractic could fix what I had done. In my consultation, however, the assurance Dr. Kristy gave was inspiring, if conservative. I decided to give it a try.

When my next X-rays were developed, I was looking forward to seeing some changes, as I had been feeling much better. I was happy to see that we were headed in the right direction. Nothing could have prepared me for the annual exam, though, even with the changes I had experienced in my health. My neck had totally turned around. The curve was so much better that I doubted it was my film, until I noticed my earrings. Without Dr. Kristy’s keen eye for the subluxations throughout my spine I would undoubtedly still be plagued with maladies. With careful, sensitive adjustments combined with the counseling on posture and rigorous stretching routines that have virtually turned my neck around in a fraction of the time I expected it to take, I am no longer on prescription medications, and have remarkably good health. I have come to realize that my sciatica, although my most irritating condition, was just the tip of my health problem iceberg. Thank goodness I didn’t wait for the pain from the other subluxations to get worse before looking for help.

Too often I have taken my health for granted. I have pushed myself physically with little regard for the long term effects. Thankfully, Live Well has kept me sound with regular monitoring and manipulation while reminding me to be thoughtful of the impact alignment has on my life. I can drive long distances without medication, I sleep soundly. I don’t have to tolerate pain every day, and I can choose to stay aligned. There’s been no better incentive to continue with my care than the general well-being I now enjoy.

Thank you, Live Well!

My first indication of back problems occurred in 1983. I stepped sideways while playing with the family dog, and my legs seemed to collapse. I spent the night on the floor and the next six weeks flat on my back. After I had "recovered" (as far as conventional medicine was concerned), I experienced frequent sciatica, low-back pain, and leg tremors.

I managed my pain and symptoms over the next couple of years using various methods: physical therapy, yoga, walking, orthotics, etc. I even tried chiropractic for a year, but it was not the same kind of treatment that I now receive from LiveWell Chiropractic. Instead of adjustments, I was subjected to heat treatments, trans-cutaneous electro-neural stimulation (TENS), training in body mechanics, and other, ineffectual modalities.

My pain and level of dysfunction continued to increase. I spent six months on my back in 1987, recuperating from a particularly painful incident at work that occurred when I lifted a heavy box. I was not able to return to work until I had undergone a series of epidural cortisone injections. I could barely function, and my quality of life was horrible.

I went through another major episode in 1991. I was in danger of losing my job. I found an orthopedic surgeon that recommended a lumbar spinal fusion. Most of my family and friends had difficulty understanding why I would consider surgery. It was an easy decision--I felt like I was dying. I had been fighting this battle for eight miserable years. Many people that I knew then had never even seen me when I was not in extreme pain. I had the surgery.

I consider the surgery to have been a great success. When I woke up after the operation, despite being quite ill from over five hours of anesthesia, I knew that I had won a major battle in the back war. The pain was still there, but it was much better. It took a long time and lots of therapy to recover, but I made it. People that saw me soon after the surgery told me they could see from my face that the pain was gone.

But it wasn't completely gone. It was manageable, but I still suffered from sciatica, pain, and leg tremors. Compared to what I had been through, the level of improvement was acceptable to me. I just expected to live with it.

Then my sister introduced me to Dr.'s Kristy and Shoshana. They planned out a program to return me to health. I started getting adjusted three times a week. It was nothing like the chiropractic treatment I had experienced before. I started to feel the benefits immediately: no more sciatica, less frequent leg tremors, pain that was manageable with an occasional ibuprofen. My quality of life improved greatly. And as my health improved, the frequency of adjustments decreased.

I now get adjusted once a week. My health is excellent. Not just my back health, my overall health. Once I started feeling better, I could exercise again. I lost weight (lots of weight, 50 lbs). My daughter just started playing basketball, and I spend lots of time playing basketball with her. I never thought that I'd be able to do that. I would not be able to do that without regular chiropractic adjustments.

Thank you, LiveWell Chiropractic!

 Chiropractic care had always been something that sounded cool, but what would it really do for me? As a child I was told not to crack my knuckles because it would give me arthritis. My thoughts were that cracking my back would do the same thing. I attended a community event where I spoke with Dr. Shoshana, She had me step on the bi-lateral scales. Let me say that I was really off-balance (in more ways than one.) This convinced me to come in for a full exam. I was shocked at my x-rays. There it was, a 37mm forward thrust reverse, curved neck. Never would I have thought that being bounced out of a truck, struck in the head playing softball, or any of the other injuries experienced in life would have done so much. I gladly began regular treatments three times a week. Each visit is a bright spot in the day. I feel full of energy after treatment. I feel in better health overall. I don't succumb to the notion that I'm just getting older and that pain is an expected part of that. (I also don't try stunt truck jumping any longer-just kidding.) I do follow the traction and stretching regimen as prescribed, and have seen great results in a short period of time. Even from the first visit I knew it was something that Jeff would also benefit from.

See what he has to say below…

I had never really considered any type of chiropractic health care until Ron gave me the consultation visit. When Dr. Shoshana shared the results of my exam, I was surprised at how many subluxations were present. I had problems walking in the mornings, with pain and tingling in my legs. I was also dealing with phantom sensations as a result of shingles from the previous year, but didn't attribute any of those symptoms to issues with my spine. Since starting regular chiropractic treatment, all of those issues have resolved. I seem to have more energy. I feel better overall. In the past, I have been prone to bronchitis that I would seek the aid of antibiotics and breathing treatments. This cold and flu season, I have been able to ward off those problems naturally.

Thank you Dr's. Kristy and Shoshana for helping us to “Live Well,”

Ron Chenoweth & Jeff Sams

Max & Ava

Atlanta , GA


By Mandy Witt

I originally sought chiropractic care after enduring eight years of acid reflux and other painful digestive problems. I had previously visited a doctor who, although she was unable to diagnose my illness, prescribed four different medications (including Propulsid). I did not want to be medicated for the rest of my life, so I started seeing a chiropractor. However, I was not experiencing any relief from my digestive ailments. Then, after becoming a patient at Live Well Chiropractic, everything changed! Now, my digestive system is normal and I rarely have acid reflux. Since I started getting adjusted by Dr. Kristy, my mood has improved dramatically; I'm much less angry and negative. My immune system has also been boosted…..and so has my physical endurance. I am very aware that my body works better when it's adjusted. I've encouraged quite a few friends to come into Live Well Chiropractic, and I'm always trying to bring more in! Mandy Witt, Atlanta, GA

Irene Bolden - Atlanta, GA

If anyone had told me that I had a “posture” problem I would have argued strenuously that they were wrong. And so, I was caught off-guard when a couple of the people from Live Well Chiropractic asked me to have my posture checked. The only reason I believed them was because I had pain in my lower back and down my left hip when I walk. I do a lot of walking and it had been getting more painful.

A week later I had x-rays done and Dr. Kristy checked me over and diagnosed subluxation in the vertebrae in my neck and back. I had never heard the word “subluxation”; it is not in my dictionary. But, evidently the spine knows how to do it without knowing what it means. I am 55 years old, and I am proud that I have maintained my health with a few exceptions, sinus problems, overweight and, low back pain when I walk.

The affect of having just one adjustment was astounding! I started “seeing” my dreams. It was as if my nighttime dreaming had been turned on. One joy of sleeping is to dream. For some months I had not been able to remember my night dreams. Starting this particular night and going forward I have. I have also been able to sleep on 1 pillow. I have slept on at least 2 pillows for the past 5 or 6 years. Less than a month into my treatment I still walk, and my lower back gets a bit stiff, but not the terrible pain I got before.

I thought the reason I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes was due to being overweight. I can now time my shoelaces and put on nylons comfortably, without pain. Another bonus, I have more energy to exercise in order to lose the weight, I hope.

This letter is a testimonial of my experience with Chiropractic care.

In May of 2001, I was in my own private hell. My physically active life of frequenting the gym and running came to an abrupt stop. I herniated a disc in my back and was in severe pain. Not only did my back hurt, but I also was experiencing sciatica down my leg and numbness in my right foot. I had always thought of myself as having a very high pain tolerance, but this was unlike anything I have ever felt.

Like most people probably do when they are ill or hurt, I went to a medical doctor. The doctor gave me a wide range of drugs including anti-inflamatories, muscle relaxants, steroids and narcotics. The combination of drugs certainly altered my mental alertness, but I was still in agony. The doctor explained to me that pain was “a complaint, and not a symptom” and that I would probably continue to experience low back pain since I am tall. It was clear that back pain and what felt like a barbed wire yo-yo going up and down my leg was of little significance or concern to the medical community.

I felt depressed since I was ingesting so much medication and still not able to sleep, stand, sit, or move very well due to the excruciating pain. I was also very concerned about taking narcotics due to having a profound history of addiction in my family. Additionally, the workouts that were so ingrained in my everyday life and my preparation for the Avon Breast Cancer 60 mile walk in October had both ceased. Because of my back injury, I could barely get from the bed to the bathroom without tears. I was not able to sit in a chair for more than 2 minutes at a time. I was pathetic and unable to find reprieve.

After several weeks of little to no improvement, I decided to research Chiropractic care. Live Well Chiropractic was a recommended practice by the organizers of the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day event. For some reason, I always assumed that only the tree-hugging holistic types of individuals pursued Chiropractic care. Although I did not consider myself to be quite that crunchy-granola / herbal, I was willing to try anything. So, I made an appointment.

From the moment I met Dr. Shoshana and Dr. Kristy, I was impressed with the fact that they are both good listeners, embody professionalism, and seem to hold themselves accountable to similar sets of core values. They never interrupted me and conducted a thorough analysis of my situation prior to the first adjustment. My first adjustment happened to fall on my birthday, and for the first time in several weeks, I could actually sit through dinner that evening. However, the part that most impressed me was when they called me at home that evening to find out how I was feeling. They actually seemed to care about me.

Almost immediately after the first adjustment, I experienced relief from my back pain and came off of all medication. I also began the education process of understanding that Chiropractic care is not about curing back pain. Rather, it is an evolution to overall health and well-being. I also learned that Chiropractic care benefits have nothing to do with whether or not an individual is innately crunchy-granola. (Or, perhaps I have just assimilated well.)

I am excited to share that I just completed the Avon 3-Day 60-mile walk. My back feels fantastic and I am not even sore from the long trek. In fact, I held the adjustment well and stayed balanced throughout the event. I know that I was able to complete the Avon Walk successfully due to the care and support I have received from Live Well Chiropractic.

I will continue to recognize, embrace, and promote the importance of Chiropractic care and its significance on helping me to lead a healthy life. I express my gratitude to Dr. Shoshana and Dr. Kristy. Their grace and commitment to excellence is an inspiration for us all.


Charlotte Sprague

I met the Live Well team at a festival in Piedmont Park Spring 2000; I was curious to find out what chiropractic care was all about and agreed to get an evaluation. The first thing that was done to me while still at the park was to examine my posture. I was in disbelief how slanted my posture was - this just could not be true. I even went back to see Dr. Shoshana again later that day asking that she re-do the evaluation and she immediately told me what the earlier examination indicated with one glance.

I knew nothing about chiropractic medicine, although I knew that I had several long standing medical signals that I was tired of taking medicine for: stress, depression, and digestive complaints have been the norm for me for many years of my adult life. Problems sleeping and being tired all the time was common as well. While most physicians considered me 'healthy', I felt that this was not good enough. After speaking with Dr. Shoshana I decided that I would give this approach a dedicated effort to see if I could improve my health.

Within three months, I no longer needed antidepressants or stress medication. I no longer take allergy medication for hay fever or congestion -- I take no medications AT ALL now. My digestive problems have improved, but I realize that at 42 years old it will take time to heal my body. I am optimistic and patient, and know that I am in the right hands.

As an officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention I have been involved in the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center and the recent Anthrax events. Despite the large stresses these events have had on my body, my health has remained excellent. I am thankful that I met Drs. Shoshana and Kristie when I did to prepare me for the challenges I have had these past three months. Thank you Live Well Chiropractic for providing me the right path to wellness.

Bill Henriques

William D. Henriques, PhD MSPH Commander, US Public Health Service GIS Coordinator Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Approximately two years ago, I began to experience numbness in my left arm and hand upon rising in the morning. I went to my doctor, got x-rayed, and was told there was nothing wrong with me. This past Summer, the pain progressed and I began to lose sleep. Dr. Shoshana Kreinces and I met fortuitously, and after I described to her my arm pain and numbness, she invited me to her office for a consultation.

Not only did Dr. Shoshana swiftly and accurately diagnosis my herniated cervical disk, she patiently endured my “whining,” as my progress in the first couple months was slow. However, around the three month mark, the pain subsided, my posture improved significantly, and I began to feel more comfortable in my body that I probably ever have in my life.

Drs. Shoshana and Kristy are professional, compassionate, courteous, and technically astute. I am becoming well. I recommend Live Well Chiropractic to anyone who has a spine and who enjoys feeling vibrant and healthy.

Julie Gedro