Meet The Doctors

 Dr. Shoshana Kreinces received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1997 from Life University. Prior to 
 this, she received her undergraduate degree from University of Florida, where she majored in the Health
 Sciences. Shoshana grew up in Key West, Florida and spent time going to work with her father in the
 local hospital where he read x-rays as a radiologist. Shoshana also took after her mother, a modern
 dancer and choreographer, and followed her instruction on proper posture, alignment and exercise.

 Ever since her first adjustment at age 12, Shoshana understood the benefits of chiropractic care
 firsthand. During a party at her family’s home she experienced a severe allergic response. One of the
 friends at the party was the local chiropractor, Dr. Debbie Flynn. Dr. Flynn analyzed Shoshana and
 adjusted her second cervical vertebrae freeing the interference and immediately Shoshana witnessed the
 effects of natural healing. Ten years later, Shoshana spent a day shadowing Dr. Flynn in her chiropractic office and became intrigued, inspired and motivated to become a chiropractor herself.

Dr. Shoshana has been serving the Atlanta community since 1999 and is located on the corner of 11th and Juniper Street.  She refers to her practice as the “purple house of healing”, since she has been witness to countless accounts of health transformations, from people of all walks of life. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Shoshana is passionate about helping others through chiropractic care and wholeheartedly believes everyone deserves to have a healthy spine and nervous system.

Live Well Chiropractic also offers massage and Pilates sessions to complement ongoing chiropractic care and to honor the importance of attentiveness to one’s well-being.

Dr. Shoshana is a member of the Georgia Council of Chiropractic. Stop in the office today for a complimentary health consultation.



The Live Well Team