Many Chiropractors, neurologists, physical therapists, &  fitness instructors utilize the benefits of pilates. It drives centers of the brain, improves balance, stamina, aids in correcting curvatures of the spine, rehabilitates injuries and is a great workout!  Here at Live Well, you have a unique advantage of your pilates instructor collaborating with our doctors of Chiropractic. This ensures you are moving in the right direction. Too often we are "beaten up" by a workout only to feel defeated or leave with a new injury. Not everyone should be moving the same way and we can help you move in the right way for your body while toning, lengthening and feeling great!


*Appointments available 6 days a week!      

*Sessions are "by appointment only"

*You can book on line from our homepage, click the BOOK NOW button to see availability and pricing for singles (by yourself) or duets (with a friend)

*Although it would benefit you, being a Chiropractic patient is not required